Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Avid Autograph Hunter

Our Family LOVES seeing the characters and collecting autographs each trip!  Over the years, we have done the standard Disney autograph books, I have made them scrapbooks with pages for each character but my favorite way (and the only way I do them now) is personalized pillowcases.  I love these because at night, the kids have a constant reminder of their trip.

I embroiderer their names, a quote and the year in the center of each pillowcase before each trip and also purchase fabric markers and a clipboard.  We keep the clipboard inside each pillowcase to make it easier when we see a character.  Once we see a character, the kids select a color marker and go visit with their "friend"  Be sure to pull the pillowcase tight against the clipboard to make it easy for the character to sign.  I also have a purse for me that I did the same thing with.  They are great daily reminders of our trips to Disney!

Some Character Hunting Tips!!!!

1.  Get a times guide and map when you enter  the park.  These list character greeting locations as well as times certain characters will be out and about!  NOTE:  characters also "pop" up in many places not on the maps so be on the lookout!

2.  Another Great Place to visit with your favorites is at a character dining experience.  Many Disney restaurants have characters meals where the characters will come table to table and meet with you, sign autographs and take pictures.  Some of our favorites are Chef Mickey's, Ohana for breakfast with Lilo and Stitch and the Cape May cafe for breakfast with Mickey and Friends.

3.  Looking for a specific character?  You can ask at guest relations in  the park or any cast member that is with a character.  They can usually "find out" if that special character will be out and about that day!

4. Be courteous and have your camera, photopass card and autograph item ready so as to not take extra time when you are with the characters.  Remember there are lots of other kids waiting too.  Besides I would rather take our time interacting with the characters then fumbling for everything.

5.  Photopass?  YES PLEASE!  Sometimes you will see photographers with the characters.  These are photopass photographers.  They will give you a card that you can use your whole trip.  they will take photos for you with the characters or around the parks.  We always stop when we see them.  At home or as prepurchase (save $50!) you can buy a cd with all the photos and the copyright to get them printed wherever you please.  We do this every trip.  i think it is a great value!  You can also add digital photo frames at home before you order the cd.  I never have less then 500 photos.  Not bad for $100-$150 I think!

6.  HAVE FUN!  characters love to interact with you!  Say tick tock to Captain Hook and watch him get scared or ask Stitch what his badness level is.  It is awesome to see their reactions!  My kids also get tons of compliments on their clothes if the characters notice themselves on there!

Hope you enjoyed my brief tip guide!  If you are interested in one of the pillowcases, they are available in my etsy store.

See ya real soon!!!!



DisneyBabies said...

I love the pillowcase idea! I'll have to check out your etsy store to see what else you have!

stacygrim77 said...

We are going to Disney for the first time in October. Ethan is doing an autograph t-shirt and Owen picked a tote bag. We can't wait!!!