Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kids Don't Know How Lucky They Have It!!!!!

I have already mentioned that we take the kids to Disney pretty much every year (this will sadly be the 1st time we are skipping in 8 years)----for that alone they are LUCKY!!!!!!  But it does not end their folks!  My family owns a beach house in Ocean City, MD and we vacation there every year as well--more on that later!

But it gets even better for the 2 older ones!  Last year my in-laws (Anna and Russ) started taking the kids on mini vacations with them.  Not only do they get to go away with their grandparents alone on a great adventure----they GET TO PICK WHERE THEY GO!!!!!

Last year was Roseanna's turn to pick.  She loves blueberries so she said she wanted to go to Maine to pick blueberries.  Guess where they went?  YUP!  Maine!

This year was Russell's turn to pick.  He matter of factly stated that he wanted to see the Indians.  Why not?!  So a trip to North Carolina and Tennessee was planned.  They just got back a few days ago from their 4 days adventure loaded with stories, Indian headdresses and TONS of energy and excitement!  They stayed in Gaitlenburg and explored the Great Smokey Mountains, attended a powwow and gave the hotel pool a good workout.  Here are some of the photos from Roseanna's camera.

One day it is my hope that the kids realize how lucky they are for having been able to visit so many amazing places at such a young age!

See Ya Real Soon!


MEET THE CAST: Nikki and Mark

I figured that I would introduce you to our happy little Disney family.

I am Nikki, the mommy and wife of this clan and my husband of 9 years is mark. 
We took our 1st trip to Disney when Roseanna was 6 months old and have taken a Disney trip every year since then.  For our 8 year anniversary, we took a 4 day mommy and daddy trip and that was wonderful!  Don't worry the kids had gone on a 10 day trip with  us a few weeks prior so NO GUILT!  If you ever have the chance for an adult trip, I highly Suggest IT!!!!  I can't count the times we heard a kid cry and smiled to ourselves that it was not us this time.  LOL!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE taking my kids but that trip was just so special.  Here are a few pics from that trip.

I think we have a pretty strong marriage and hope we continue to have many more years of happy Disney memories together with our family.

See ya real soon!


Greetings Fellow Fellow Mommies, Disney Lovers and Friends!

I am finally going to attempt my hand at blogging.  I have wanted to for a long time now.  Well it is summertime, kids are home, business is crazy~~~What better time to start a blog right?  I always tend to do things the difficult way.  I guess I just tthrive on having a full plate on my hands.

So who am I?  I am Nikki~a 30 year old work at home mommy to Roseanna (8), Russell (5) and Riley (8 months.)  I have been married to my Prince Charming, Mark for 9 years.  He is in the National Guard and we have braved 3 deployments together.  I run a fairly successful children's boutique clothing company based online through facebook and etsy.  I love fall days, kids tight hugs, loving glances from hubby and a good Dole Whip.  I think I am your typical All American Mom.

I hope to blog about daily happenings with the family, Disney tips, tricks and trip reports we go almost every year) and maybe some sneak peeks into my business as well.  I hope to have a written document of my children's life that I can look at years from now and have them bring a smile to my face and if I have anyone that wants to come along for the ride with me----That would be TIGGERIFIC! 

Have a Magical Day!

See ya real soon!